Winner of Sports Bar of The Year Award 2019/20
The Bristol Bar Won The Scottish Bar & Brew Awards 2019/20



Back in the 60’s the Bristol Bar formed the ground floor of one of Glasgow iconic tenement buildings, however when the tenement was demolished they retained the bar within, leaving it as a stand alone building.

The bar has had several names throughout the years initially the White Horse then changing to the Bristol Bar and then in the late 80’s the Quarter Gill

The White Horse Pre 60’s

The Quarter Gill 1991

The bar was purchased in 1996 by the Wylie Family and given back its old name “The Bristol Bar” and they have, through hard work and major investment not only in the bar, but the people and the community itself have transformed the bar into one of the best sports bars in Scotland and most importantly a hub for the local community young and old with its main objective of making all who visit have a warm, friendly and welcoming visit.

The Exterior of the Bar 2000

The Interior of the Bar 2000

15 Years later and after years of hard work, some major extensions and refurbishments the bar has transformed into one, if not the most friendliest and iconic British and football themed sports bars not only in Glasgow but the UK with visitors coming from all over the UK and as far as

Canada and Australia.

TAKE A LOOK AT US NOW ………………………..



The Bristol Bar is a family run

community Glasgow Rangers FC themed sports bar based only 2 miles from Glasgow City Centre and a stone throw from ………………..

that piggery.

We are not just a bar that takes, takes, takes we see ourselves as quite the opposite, we are a bar the gives everything it can back when we can to our loyal customers, our local community, the young, the old, our friends in the community in need and the families of those who are no longer with us but when they were with us, were a big part of our Bristol Bar family, oh and not forgetting our favourite football team Glasgow Rangers FC.

We have the upmost respect for our loyal Armed Forces and will at every opportunity try to honour those past and present that represent the British Armed Forces.

The Bristol Bar is by week a quiet

local community bar that has countless loyal regular customers and by the weekend becomes a bar that’s having a party ! We have visitors from all over

the world who come and enjoy the Bristol Bar atmosphere and the guaranteed Bristol Bar warm welcome. The staff at the Bristol Bar are not just “staff” they are friends of every single person who walks through our doors and they always welcome all customers whoever they may be and treat them with the upmost respect and pride ourselves that everyone in our bar is equal no matter who or where there from. They don’t have favourites every single customer is their favourite.



The owners of the Bristol Bar commissioned an Edinburgh based artist Chris Rutterford to paint the bar a 50ft long by 7ft high mural features over 250 faces in the crowd, the majority of these faces are regulars and their families from the Bristol Bar family. A lot of the faces are people who

are no longer with us now and we have allowed our regular customers to add them to the mural and have their little piece of space our wall to remember the loved ones they have lost through the years.

Chris Rutterford has returned to the bar some 4 – 5 times in the last 3 years and continued to add more and more of our customers to the mural and we will continue to add more and more until we have no space left. It’s about giving our customers their own little place in our bar and for the ones that are no longer here, keeping a little piece of each of their souls with us in the bar. Before we had the mural we always had the photos, kits and balls of our team but with this mural it has allowed us to include all the real life blood of the club and our Bar, our loyal

customers the fans. It gives the bar the never ending feeling of the atmosphere of match day at Ibrox, heading along to the stadium and watching the match with our family and friends.

The mural also features some famous faces which

have come to represent the Ibrox club, such as Ally McCoist, Walter Smith, Gazza and Graeme Souness. We have also managed to find a space for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.



The bar is dedicated to the football team Glasgow Rangers and has over 140 years of the club’s memorabilia.

An example of how we present our memorabilia

can be seen on each table in the bar. they have a glass cover with one of the team’s kits from the past and the present teams most of which has been

personally signed by the player or manager himself.



At the rear of the bar the Bristol bar boasts a 5 metre x 2 metre high photo of Ibrox stadium this is no ordinary photo, it’s a one off. The bar commissioned a photographer and a team of photo editors to produce this photo and they managed to produce a perfect photo of the iconic main stand at Ibrox. No perfect photo can be taken of the main stand

due to the close proximity of a sports complex directly adjacent to the stadium.

With permission from the sports complex our team scrambled a mechanical access boom lift platform and went and took a photo from as high as they could, this photo still had the boundary fence of the sports complex in it so it was airbrushed and photo shopped out, they then took over 20 photos of the lower section of the stands façade and superimposed them onto the photo eliminating the unsightly fence leaving a perfect picture of the full main stand.

This photo was then blown up to 5 metres x 2 metres and now proudly take its place within the Bristol Bar for all who visit to enjoy. It has become a very popular photo back drop for our visitors from near and far.


Although we were unable to detail everything we do and every event we have done and have planned within our new app, we have given you what we could in this small window we had. Please take a look at our Website and our social media pages for all the up to date information on us. We can now only hope that you find this

helpful and it gives you a clear understanding of what we do at The Bristol Bar and the

things we hold important and closely to our hearts, Our Customers, Our football

team Glasgow Rangers and our Armed Forces.

The Bristol Bar has and will continue to grow year on year

and we already have a Planning permission, a building warrant and the licence to do our next extension. This will see the bar capacity increase dramatically and introduce an internal heated smoking area and a full layout of new ladies and gents toilets, we will also be adding a kitchen and we have some of the most outstanding sports memorabilia that will take its home in the new area. We hope to see you soon!!

Thanks Again – The Bristol Bar, Glasgow

“Simply the Best “